Charlotte Homes: July 2009

Houses in Dilworth - Finding the perfect bungalow in Charlotte, NC

Houses in Dilworh - Finding the perfect bungalow in Charlotte, NC.  There are plenty of them in this real estate market. Take a look at the houses listed in  the Dilworth subdivision in Charlotte, NC?  The Dilworth area is one of Charlotte's historic districts and houses bungalows that date back to around 1900.  Most of the homes have renovated interiors with the normal granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and vanity sinks in the bathrooms... but many of the foundations and exterior designs remain original.  I love the artsy feel that you receive as you drive down the tree-lined streets in DilworthEver wondered why so many of these trees are lined with what looks to be black tape about 5 feet from the ground?  It keeps the canker beetle from getting to the foliage where it lays its eggs and where the baby worms eat all of the leaves.  I also like the street parking.  It makes it harder for cars to drive fast through the subdivision and they help to protect the sidewalks that line the streets.


Dilworth subdivision in Charlotte, NC

Dilworth Houses For Sale

Houses in Dilworth have list prices ranging from the mid $300,000's to close to $2 million depending on what area of the subdivision you are in.  The real estate market in Charlotte, NC is very neighborhood specific and Dilworth is proof that it is also street specific

Bungalow - "gained popularity in housing developments of American towns during the 1920s. Its general design-with high ceilings, large doors and windows, and shade-giving eaves or verandas-makes it especially well suited for hot climates"  ~

A lot of the bungalows in Dilworth have an open floor plan and these layouts are popular with growing families.  The Dilworth community is full of young professionals that want to raise their children in a subdivision with a safe reputation.  There have been a few articles in the Charlotte Observer over the last few years about break-ins and carjackings in Dilworth, but this is happening in every part of Charlotte and occurs in every large city.  I think the paper focuses on these occurrences in Dilworth because it is an area where people would not suspect criminal activity. 

The houses listed in the Dilworth subdivision have an average list price of $697,000 and an average of 4 bedrooms.  Take a look at some of these houses and you will understand why so many people in Charlotte want to live in DilworthThe Dilworth area is within a mile of Uptown Charlotte and the area has many restaurants, grocery stores, churches, shopping stores and local bars.  Once you live in this area of Charlotte you will realize that everything you need is within a very short distance.  Take a drive through Dilworth and you will agree that it is a hip subdivision.


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Houses in Dilworth - Finding the perfect bungalow in Charlotte, NC
Houses in Dilworh - Finding the perfect bungalow in Charlotte, NC. There are plenty of them in this real estate market. Take a look at the houses listed in the Dilworth subdivision in Charlotte, NC The Dilworth area is one of Charlotte's… more
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